We know that all children have the potential to develop leadership skills.  It has been proven that children can be taught to take on leadership roles now and in the future.

Involving children in leadership activities can help children:

• Boost their self-esteem

• Improve public speaking and communication skills

• Teach them to identify their strengths and weaknesses

• Help them develop organizational skills.

• Teach them to work with others

• Help them lose unhealthy acquired languages and behavioral patterns.

• Match their interests with possible leadership opportunities.

We also:

• Like inviting leaders in the local community or in the news to discuss with children. We also invite leaders in various fields of endevour to talk to the children about their Professions.

• Invite Leaders to discuss the leadership roles they play in their community of practice with the children. We get our children fit and ready to lead their world.

Class Details:
Day: Monday, Wednesday
Time: 10:45 am – 12:45 am


Children are arrows, We Craft, We Aim, We Launch


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